DAIUNJI (formerly called Ryuushouzan Dairenji) is one of the temple of the Jodo sect (Joudo Shinsyuu). In Tensho era (1573 - 92), A monk colled SAKUDEN named it DAIUNJI.
This temple is known widely as "HIGIRI-NO-O-JIZOU-SAN (JIZO-SAN)" based on a story of the flood of Asahi-kawa (Asahi river); Once upon a time, after a terreble storm, one small Zizou had saved the city from great disaster, heading herself into the hole of embankment to prevent its collapse. when people carried her to the original place after that, their pains on shoulders, arms and waist were gone. This story has been spread widely in the city and people became to adore and love her.

In the temple yard, there are many Jizous such as Awako Jizou, Mizuko Jizou and North-facing Jizou etc. in addition, You can find many Jizous with red pinafore which is donated by believers whose wishes have been realized after visiting this temple.

Originally 24th is Jizou's festival day, on the 23rd, however, we celebrate the former day and various night stores (YOMISE) gather around the temple. This is called "EN-NICHI" and is the reason why people call this temple "HIGIRI-NO-O-JIZOU-SAN (meeting Jizou once in a month )"


OMOTE-CHO 3-18-38

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